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Our Beautiful Yoga Teachers

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Joe has devoted the last 8 years studying yoga, music and education, discovering that yoga can help to realise oneself, inner peace and strength in day-to-day life. His varying studies led him to yoga which helps to reduce stress, maintain a clear mind and be mindful of all living beings. He has travelled to India, Bali & Europe to study yoga more intensely and now lives in beautiful Bali.


"We can find peace and contentment in many ways, yoga is just one way that encompasses everything, it enables us to surrender to our true self, go inward, find a connection beyond our ego, toward God, which leads us to kindness and welfare toward all human beings. All of life starts to become a phenomenon which we are grateful for. We are all teachers and students on this earth and can benefit greatly from sharing and learning from each other. Everyone is born a light/good human being & we can draw this out leading by example with dignity and integrity, having enthusiasm about nature and our spiritual growth" - Joe B, 2021

*only available on limited trainings

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Sy is originally from Bangladesh, his family emigrated to London in the late 70's. He went to his first yoga class some 20 years ago and has been teaching for the last 15 years. He has gone on to teach around Europe as well as southern Africa and has been living on the Island of God's for the last 7 years. 


Initially the main goal of doing yoga was to help alleviate various physical issues, however over time the deeper benefits became apparent - emotional balance, peace of mind and a deeper sense of contentment within life. He has practiced various styles with Ashtanga and Bikram being the current primary practices.

"My daily practice helps me be a truer version of myself which allows me to be more present  as a father to my son Jai and a co-parent to his mom, Deva. I consider myself lucky to have one of the most fulfilling and rewarding "jobs" and love sharing and encouraging others to explore this path ".
One of my favourite contemplations 
"we suffer in part due to our ability to care - particularly caring for those things we cannot influence or change" - Joscha Bach.


Dada was searching for spiritual answers since childhood, and finally introduced to holistic practices of yoga pose, meditation and Tantra and Rajadhiraja Yoga in 1993. In 1999, after several years working in the corporate world, Dada’s strong vision for spirituality led him to a major turning point in his life when he decided to leave his job and immerse himself fully in a devoted path of yoga. He went on to pursue training in India as a sannyasin, senior yoga monk.


From then he spent most of his time teaching yoga and meditation in Taiwan and Australia and eventually returned to his native island of Bali, bringing his devotional work home.

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Ika Dewi is a qualified yoga teacher who was born in Bali Indonesia. Ika believes yoga is not only a physical exercise, and while she enjoys its physical benefits, yoga for her goes much deeper. She believes a consistent yoga practice creates harmony in the body, mind and heart and develops good habits which lead to a healthy and happy approach to life.


With her hands-on and caring teaching style, Ika designs her classes to allow students to explore their range of motion and capabilities in relation to each class’s focus. Her classes are both challenging and fun with an emphasis on physical alignment. She believes that yoga should be accessible to everyone and offers modifications to suit every student’s ability


Nima is a former professional dancer and aerialist. Still practicing for the past 22 years and started coaching career more than 10 years ago. 
Last 5 years she is helping professionals from different movement areas to work on strength and flexibility to improve their performance.


Main goal of her work to build balanced and healthy body for her students through building proper technique and to turn weaknesses into strength.

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Nina Belinda

Nina Belinda is a vastly skilled and a highly devoted Yoga Instructor who holds an immense passion for guiding others to a better and a healthier life. Nina love and admiration for Yoga and her passion for helping others in their pursuit of a happier life motivate and inspire her to pursue the given profession. Being equipped with the credential set of knowledge required to thrive in this profession, Nina goals are simple which are to love, to learn, and to teach. Nina holds a formidable blend of public speaking and presentation skills which help her in teaching others in the greatest of manners.

Nina always had a great deal of passion for living a healthier and a peaceful life and her pursuits for happiness guided her to learn and teach yoga. Nina believes Yoga could play an instrumental role in revolutionizing one’s life for the better and wants to use her knowledge for the sole purpose of helping others. She wants to serve the people with the treat of Yoga which she believes can solely change our stressed out life into a more peaceful one. Nina primary objective is to ignite the process of deep personal transformation by sharing her knowledge and understanding of the art of Yoga. Currently, her major emphasis is on growing and developing as a Yoga teacher and instructor. She wants to share her philosophy of life with others and wants to guide others to a peaceful and more satisfying life.


Lily, based in Bali, is a yoga and meditation teacher; her goal is to facilitate the student’s mind-body connection through breath and mindful movement providing space for the student to explore their inner-self on a deeper level. Her approach to teaching yoga involves different philosophies, where the focus is on the alignment of the body, breath and mind while encouraging core strength and flexibility in a vinyasa or hatha practice. Having been trained in mindfulness meditation and breathwork, she also offers yin/yang to give the students the ultimate balanced practice

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