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Are You Ready for an Unforgettable Adventure? Special Retreat with Joga Yoga in Bali
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March 28th - April 2nd, 2024
Joga Yoga Training - Yoga Retreat

Dakota Mays and Joga Yoga present Bio-Hacking Holistic Yoga Retreat

Dakota Mays - yoga instructor, movement specialist, handstand coach, and retreat facilitator. Join Dakota and Joseph on this epic holistic yoga retreat! Limited places available.

Joga Yoga Training
Joga Yoga Training
Joga Yoga Training
Joga Yoga Training

When was the last time you put yourself first?


Mind - Body - Soul Retreat is your invitation to:

Reset your nervous system
Make conscious friends for life
Do deep work on your belief systems
Clarify the next chapter of your life
Explore the magical island of Bali
Let go of what no longer serves you

This is more than your average ‘retreat’.

This is a rite of passage and a journey to return home to your true, limitless and eternally loveable self.

It`s a life-changing holiday, all about you.

Connecting Mind, Body & Soul

Lectures from top educators on nutrition, fitness, yoga, biohacking, anatomy, physiology, philosophy. Learn The Art Of Self-Regulation.
Expert training classes with experienced teachers in yoga, cardio, strength, mobility, flexibility and alignment. We take pride in our healthy, organic local food during the retreat.
Meditation with a real monk, traditional Balinese ceremonies, qi gong, yoga nidra, breath-work, sound healing and excursions to secret Hindu temples and waterfalls around Bali.

Learn The Art Of Self-Regulation

This journey will give you the ability to reflect on yourself and expand your consciousness through the unique method of mindfulness. You will get to know yourself and the world through a wider perspective and find your true self.

Self Regulation

All Inclusive Activities

Day 1 - Immerse Yourself
Grounding practices
Meditation with Dada the monk
Gentle yoga session
Sunset at the beach
Sauna/cold plunge
Day 2 - Nourishing The Mind
Sunlight meditation session
Mobility and endurance training
Dive into an array of lectures, workshops and empowering seminars designed to expand your mental horizons
Explore meditation and breathing techniques
Mindfulness practices
Enriching discussions to cultivate clarity, focus, and inner peace
Day 3 - Nurturing The Soul
Self-exploration and emotional healing
Engage in soulful practices such as journaling and ecstatic dance to foster a deeper connection with your authentic self
Excursion to a secret Hindu water temple, waterfall and huge rice terrace.
Day 4 - Renewing The Body
Morning sunrise beach walk
Heart-opening yoga back bending workshop
Restorative yoga nidra
Sound healing and breath workshops
Mental clarity and vitality
Ice bath and traditional Balinese oil massage before sleep
Day 5 - Integration & Reflection
Integrate the lessons learned and experiences gained
Reflect on your personal growth
Share insights with fellow students
Create a roadmap for continued self-care and spiritual growth

Who would benefit from this?

People looking for a deep dive into self development, self healing, want to explore their spirituality, want to level up their lives, want to deepen relationship with themselves, and want to improves physical practice.

We Are Not Just A School, We Also A Community Of Friends And Family Since 2017

Mind - Body - Soul Retreat Investment

USD 2399
USD 1699
Early Bird Price - USD 700 OFF
March 28th - April 2nd, 2024
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What`s included:
Tuition with experienced teachers in an intimate small-class setting
All course material & books included
Nutritious & Healthy food provided
Excursions around Bali
FREE accommodation!

Our Yoga Retreat Teachers

Dakota Mays

Dakota Mays

Yoga Teacher


Yoga Teacher


Balinese Monk


Yoga Teacher

Tranquil Place For Your Self Healing Journey

5-minute Walk From The Beach And 2-minute Walk From Beautiful Cafes.


What Our Past Participants Say

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Patrick Di Battista

School Teacher

Joe and the crew from Joga Yoga simply changed our lives. This may sounds big but the time we spend with them was just perfect for all of us. We are a family of 5 and Joe kindly offered to bring our kids to all the classes and activities. So not only we could learn and grow but also our kids learned from Joe, Dada, Puspa, the other teachers and people we met there.

Graduation Date: February 2023

Laura Poelman


A life changing event in the most beautiful setting. It was exactly what I needed in this time of my life. I’m incredibly grateful for everything I have learned. A big warm thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the teachers and everyone who made it possible, and to my fellow yogi/classmates. Each and every one of you brought something different to the table and I loved it! Would recommend 100% and do it again!

Graduation Date: March 2023

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